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Looking across a variety of acts we’ve dreamed up our favourite potential link-ups.

Everyone’s done it. You are at the back of class bored with a friend jotting down your dream collaborations. They might not ever happen, but it’s the pure speculation and potential for magic that takes over. You’ve dreamt of that Jay-Z and Madlib link-up, that Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper tape that never dropped, there’s something about being able to envisage how perfect two sounds can melt together.

With that nostalgic scent now gracing the air it’s time to bring that imagination to the context of Ireland. The pure quantity of quality music released on a weekly basis due to streaming is at an all time high and with collaborations a proven method of reaching new audiences why not speculate on what could happen?

There’s a big line-up of some of the country’s most exciting artists and some potential collaborations that could light a creative spark across the country. Whether it’s a RnB singer and rapper combo or your favourite Soundcloud producer meets the newest bedroom pop star in the making we’ve got it covered.

1. Archy Moor & CBAKL

Portrush instrumental wizard CBAKL has showed a willingness to collaborate, linking up with a number of artists in the past 12 months. He’s made tracks with fellow Class Craic member Lacuna, $quick’s Craic Boi Mental and most recently English spitter Looms.

Archy Moor dropped ‘Worldwide Drugs’ last year and shared a glimpse of the lackadaisical style that feels reminiscent of a young Rejjie Snow.

It’s not hard to imagine how Archy’s patient approach to rap and CBAKL’s dusty production would be a match made in heaven.

2. Kaé & 7th Obi

7th Obi cemented his place in the scene in Ireland with the release of ‘Taxi Club‘. His established style and cadence is etched on the collective consciousness of those who have kept their ear to the ground in recent years.

Kaé has impressed with her recent album ‘Just Another Love Letter’. The 11 track project illustrated her ear for musicality and the rhythmic sensibilities that ensure her hooks won’t be leaving your head anytime soon.

Obi’s sound isn’t a million miles from that of Longford spitter Ama and when he and Kaé linked up on ‘Good 4 U’ it was a certified hit. It’d likely be a more pop-tinged track, but one we are here for.

3. C.O.B & Mankyy

Mankyy has been the production mastermind behind a number of PX music’s grittiest records. Having worked extensively with the likes of Gavindavinci and Cork’s Spekulativ Fiktion he’s demonstrated his musical versatility.

His often glitchy and unsettling sound would fit perfectly with Base Life spitter C.o.B. The MC has illustrated his lyrical dexterity at every opportunity in the past couple of years, with tracks like ‘NonChalant’ highlighting his relentless flow and effortless word play.

Feeling like a winning recipe on paper it’d be interesting to see what madness they could cook up.

4. Leo Miyagee & LHK

Leo Miyagee has experimented a couple of times with sounds outside the traditional confines of what he would normally release. He worked with Auxiliary Phoenix on a ‘Tarmac Practice‘, a track that invited a different type of flow and energy from the Banjaxed Records man.

Waterford’s LHK worked with 7th Obi on the collaborative project ‘Taxi Club‘ and while that futuristic soundscape is not something Leo is necessarily familiar with, this pairing could potentially push both to make something unexpected.

Hyper-clean, 808 heavy beats meet Leo’s effortlessly poetic stream of consciousness… Could be an interesting formula.

5. Evans Junior & NewMachine

**Eyes Emoji**

Evans Junior has one of the most diverse musical repertoires in the country right now. He’s dipped his toes into everything from trap, drill and afrobeat to pop, demonstrating his fearlessness. His debut album ‘Organised Mess‘ was the actualisation of his genre-bending influences and a clear illustration of just how wide the scope is when it comes to releasing music.

With that in mind someone who could potentially be an interesting collaborator is Wexford’s New Machine. In relative terms he’s a veteran producer, having worked with the likes of Maverick Sabre, Joey Bada$$ and Chip. He’s been lending a hand to up and coming Irish acts like Skripteh and Dubzeno and there’s no doubt in his ability to work on a various range of genres. His polished production could sit very nicely under Evan’s sharp approach to verbal sparring.

6. Jordan Adetunji & JyellowL

This one is plain and simple. Jordan Adetunji and JyellowL are two of the best when it comes to rapid-fire bars and it’s about time they hopped on a track together.

Hip hop has been built on competition for as long as it has existed and we’d be interested to know who’d come out on top if they were both to go tit for bar tat over a banging instrumental. No pleasantries, no bullshit just straight spitting.

A good old fashioned hip hop spectacle.

7. Malaki & J a r J a r J r

Malaki was the name on everybody’s lips at the end of 2019. He released ‘Butterfly Boy‘ to a roaring reception and give a glimpse as to where he is heading, artistically speaking. His poetic approach and tendency to be emotionally transparent follows much of the approach of Soft Boy Records’ Kojaque.

With J a r J a r J r having lent his keen ear to production on ‘Deli Daydreams’ it would appear on paper to be a perfect match. While Malaki primarily leans on close confident Matthew Harris for production it would be interesting to see where his sound could go if he spread his wings.

J a r J a r J r’s jazzy chops have a special way of inducing nostalgic and romantic sentiments and could make for a beautiful joint effort.

8. Dena Anuk$a & ARI.NOIR

Dena has proved she can switch it up. Whether it be the wavy IAMDDB-esque vocals or her sharp, spit-fire bars it’s undeniable she’s a number of weapons in her arsenal.

This versatility lends itself to collaboration and a potentially soulful record could be produced by working with one of Ireland’s up-and-coming singers – ARI.NOIR. The singer had initially caught attention with his sincere songwriting and emotive vocals.

We’d imagine it’d sound something similar to ‘Get You‘ by Daniel Caeser featuring Kali Uchis.

9. Strange Boy & KhakiKid

Feeling like Ireland’s answer to Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA respectively, Strange Boy and KhakiKid would surely cook up an absolutely relentless record.

Strange Boy has a knack for fitting words where they shouldn’t go, effortlessly switching up his flow and adapting his zany cadence to squeeze in those last few syllables.  His verse on ‘Actors’ on Hazey Haze‘s ‘Is Mise‘ is proof he can chop up some of the most bizarre, surrealist lines you’ll hear.

Weaving his style with the bombastic and aggressive delivery of Good Buzz’s KhakiKid is a recipe for chaos in the best possible way. Both artists bring their own distinct energy to everything they do and no doubt a collaboration would induce mosh pits of the violent variety.

10. Uwmami & Nxbody

Uwmami’s brand of bedroom pop is cotton wool for the ears. It’s dreamy and comforting. Her latest single ‘YKY’ deviated slightly from her traditional style and invited Brockhampton-esque auto-tuned vocals. This progressive approach to her music is what makes her an exciting prospect and her ‘Uwmami Presents‘ series illustrates her keenness to collaborate.

Nxbody is undoubtedly one of the country’s most underrated beatsmiths. Flipping  anything from Amerie’s ‘1 Thing’ to Brockhampton’s ‘District’, he’s nailed it each and every time, which is no easy feat.

Despite drawing from two separate and distinctive strands of music on Soundcloud there’s crossover in the pair’s catalogs, sonically speaking. Here’s hoping for something in the future.

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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