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“Dance or die!”


In 2011 Alberto Guerrini started a blog called gabbereleganza, detailing lost photographs and flyers from the gabber scene.

The Italian was deeply engrained in gabber community, and in 2016 he decided it needed a resurgence and brought the concept of the blog on the road. He turned the idea of a banging gabber DJ set into a performance.

The Gabber Eleganza experience is coming to Dublin’s Hangar.

Here’s what Pussys have to say: “On Saturday 17th June (after a load of instagram and email chats about old Irish rave flyers) we’ve got him to come to Dublin – gabba dancers, kappa trackies and all – for a Pussys party in a real club.”

You can click here for tickets.

In the meantime check out the tracks (not necessarily gabber!) that define the party, according to its creator Alberto Guerrini.

Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin qqt mix)

Roughness and mental stuff. I heard it for the first time at 17 and changed forever my idea of rave music.

Mumdance & Novelist – 1sec (instr.)

Hardcore post-grimey attitude and cyberpunk tenderness. Eric Hughes would approved!

Remarc – Rip

The minamilistic energy of the jungle amen is absolutaly insane.

Paul Johnson – Feel my MF Bass

Feeeeel my moootherfuckkiiiin basss in yaaa faceeee

Kuadra – La Onda (La Onda De Einstein Mix)

Dance or die!

Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (acapella)

Hardcore happiness in the candy land, what else?

Buzz Fuzz – D-Leria

Deep and hard stuff, sounds like an old mistress who is drinking bubble-tea.

3 Steps Ahead – Drop it

I grew up with this tune, when I listen I’m usually dancing and crying at the same time.

Promo – Patterns in Chaos

My favourite hardcore millennium producer. Has no equal.

Errorsmith – Airbag

When you press Ultravox, Scooter and Atari Teenage Riot together.

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