It’s easy to have missed a number of records over the festive period, but don’t worry we got you covered with a reminder of two of the best recent releases.

December is a bit of a blur for a lot of us. Through the work parties, Christmas pints and family get togethers it’s easy for things to go unnoticed.

During the hazy, post new year’s vortex there were a couple releases that perhaps flew under the radar a bit, so we’ve dusted off the cobwebs, grabbed a coffee and added two records sure to help you beat the January blues.

Gaptoof – The Marina Tapes Vol. 4

First up is Soft Boy Records resident beat smith Gaptoof. Having had a mega 2019 which included an appearance in a Boiler Room documentary and a performance in the renowned series in London, the producer finished the year strong with a number of releases. Having stuck to a routine of releasing a tape at the start of each month for the last four months he dropped the final record at the start of January.

Volume 4 of The Marina Tapes features a second section of remixes and a guest verse from spitter Archy Moor on ‘Scoop’.

With every edition of the series including certified head-nodders there’s plenty to dig through after listening to the most recent release.

Click here to purchase some of Gaptoof’s instrumental goodness.

Or listen below:

Trust It Music – Obviously Vol. 1

The second release to highlight was that of ‘OBVIOUSLY’. Following the decision to rebrand and leave Dearfach, Prod_Solo merged his new entity ‘TrustItEntertainment’ with independent UK label ‘Moves Recordings’ that is home to the likes of Naira Marley and Skengdo x AM.

The new tape is a showcase of the talent on the roster and features the likes of Evans Junior, BoyW1DR and Kaé. A more commercial endeavour but catchy nonetheless.

Keep your eyes peeled for what the label has in store for 2020, the bridges being built will no doubt result in some big hits in the next 12 months.

Listen to ‘OBVIOUSLY’ below:

Photo Credit: Jordan Hearns

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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