RikShaw follows up his impressive debut video with brand new melodic pop single Crush produced by Flash The Delivery Guy.

Anomaly Collective’s Rikshaw going up the gears in 2020. Having already dropped a video for ‘Like That’ recently, he’s gone for a more vibrant, accessible sound in his latest single ‘Crush’.

The crooner’s melodic approach demonstrates a deliberate approach to demonstrate his versatility.  Often artists can fall into a trap of consecutive predictable releases, but Rikshaw is maintaining a sense of self-awareness keeping listeners on their toes.

“Coming off the back of ‘Like That’ I decided to take a different route on my new track ‘Crush’ ushering in light melodic sounds”, Rikshaw said.

“I always find when I make these type of melodic tracks I’m taking inspiration from artists who I’m fucking with at the time but when I make the track I always put my own spin on it, for instance the type of sound came about because I was listening to a lot of Yung Bans but it’s important to take your inspirations and run with them rather than doing the exact same thing.” 

“The track features production from Flash the Delivery Guy who is a very talented producer and engineer who you’ll be seeing a lot of this year. Going forward this year I want to find the perfect balance between mixing the rapping with the melodies. There’ll be more rap songs, melodic songs and more visuals to come.” 

Listen below:

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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