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Pick and mix, we’re at 26.


More mixes to get you through the long, cold, arduous weekend. Forward looking dance music, piano rave, Belgium bangers, check ‘em all out.

Dummy Mix 472 // Or:la

Featured on our list of ones to watch in 2017,  Derry native Orla Dooley puts in an hour of worldly rhythms, some old school house trax, and tinges of IDM and electro throughout. With solid, no-nonsense selections and a label announcement on the horizon, expect big things from Or:la in 2017.

Powell: Dazed Mix

I first encountered Powell when a friend of mine was taking down a tracklist for Powell’s radio show on NTS. Three people jammed into a 8ft x 10ft shack in Dalston that NTS operates from, he played a playful mix of acid rock and EBM. Later when I listened to his music, I could hear traces of everything he played in his own tunes.

Powell’s sound is quite hard to isolate: is it punk, no-wave, electro? It’s all of that and more. The bastardised elements of all these genres come together to make something greater than the sum of their parts. It’s rough, repetitive, and difficult to engage with, which makes it all the better when it finally clicks with you.

Enough waffling, check out his mix.

Pearson Sound – Rinse FM 1st December

You can always count on David Kennedy, aka Ramadanman, aka Maurice Donovan, aka DJ Harlow, aka Pearson Sound for a mix as eclectic as his list of aliases. This one for Rinse FM ventures between too many different styles of music to name, let alone identify. Two hours of solid beats, no more no less.

MssingNo – M1 Personal Trainer

Office favourite and a creator of one of the year’s best EPs, MssingNo dropped a melodic, piano-laden mix for this year’s Trance Party, curated by Evian Christ. Rest in peace to all who died in the rave war.

 Jackmaster & Jasper James Live From Mitchell St. Part 2

Finally, to close the weekend off here’s over two hours of upbeat, late night house music from two of Glasgow’s finest warriors, Jackmaster and Jasper James.

Words: Adam Heaton 
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