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Ahead of Record Store Day 2015 we caught up with Lee Kelly, All City Records employee, as part of our ’60 seconds with’ series.  

How long have you been with All City?

I’d been around the shop for about five years, annoying the owner Olan for a job every other day. I’m working here a fair while now.

Can you name one thing you have learned from your time as staff so far?

You can’t have them all, haha! Too many good records come in and I can’t take them all home as much as I’d like too.

What track is currently playing on the in-store sound system?

‘Smoke Buddah’ by Redman, but it will switch to some sort of house or techno in the next five minutes.

How has the combination of a record/spray paint store and a barbers shop been working?

It works great, there’s a great mixture of people that come into the shop because of it; graff heads mixing with record heads and the odd person being freaked out by banging techno coming in for a haircut.

Why do you think that while the vinyl industry struggled, All City continued to strive and succeed?

If I had to put it down to one thing, I’d say it’s consistently getting good, new records in every week. Even when it was bad at least one new box of records came in per week.

What is your favourite release from the All City label?

It’s hard to pick but Buz Ludzha’s ‘Love Repetitive Rhythmics’ comes to mind first .

What has been your most recent musical purchase?

The new Person of Interest on L.I.E.S, it’s top.

Is there a stand out, most popular product bought from the shop?

Fat caps, you can’t get them anywhere else.

Any All City plans for the future, which you can reveal?

Loads of plans just all shrouded in secrecy! Ah no we have a few different things coming out on the label, then a new project involving the label that we’ve been working on but all we be revealed soon enough.

There is an upcoming new Onra LP and the annual graffiti jam is happening in June!

Finally, with Record Store Day 2015 fast approaching how will All City be marking the occasion?

We’re going to mark the day with tunes (friends of the shop spinning over the course of the day), drinks and vinyl shaped cupcakes. Then we’re running a serious after party in The Twisted Pepper with John Heckle and our boy The Cyclist as well as Cutting Moments, Well Known and Watermelon, so it’s going to be one long, enjoyable day!

You can check out the Facebook event for the Record Store Day after party here.