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It comes from a damning new survey.

A survey from Dublin City Council has revealed that 73 per cent of people think Dublin’s nightlife is poor.

Predictably cost was the issue that cropped up most with 41 per cent saying it was too expensive. Others mentioned that lack of regular transport was also an issue.

Dublin trails behind other major city with only a measly 13 per cent ranking it in their top 3 European cities for nightlife. Leaving it lagging behind London, Berlin and Amsterdam.

The survey asked people from the capital before COVID-19 about their engagement in various activities during time slots between the hours of 18.00 and 06.00.

The findings from the survey showed that early evening was the only time with widespread activity. Activity was spread between cafes, exercising and going out to eat, but after 21.00 activities are largely restricted to pubs and after midnight clubs become the main source of entertainment.

Interestingly 70 per cent of people were somewhat or strongly in favour of a night mayor to coordinate nightlife and culture in the city.

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Words: Dylan Murphy 
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