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Dublin’s International Literature Festival returns this year for its 29th consecutive year running from the May 20 – 29.


Founded in 1988 the ILFD is Ireland’s primary literary festival, bringing international writers, speakers, essayists and poets to the Capital. Thinking of achieving something akin to divine literary transcendence? We hear you. Below is a guide of what to look out for, as well as the parts of the programme that stood out for us. It’s only a rough guide, so you can click here to see the full programme. We’ll update as we go. If you think we’ve missed anything send us an angry email! Knowledge is power.

Yanis Varoufakis @ RDS Concert Hall

The former Syriza member and Greek Minister for Finance between January and July 2015, is one of the most vocal and controversial figures in academia and policy circles alike. One of the rare examples of a true academic ‘rock star’, Yanis’ consistent attempts to describe what goes on in the policy creating corridors of Brussels earned him a cult following and some stern foes at a fragile time for the European Union’s image. He returns to the ILFF to discuss his new book Adults in the Room: My Battle With Europe’s Deep Establishment.

May 28. Click here for tickets. 

RAP Party @ Liquor Rooms

No fuss, no hype, no bullshit. RAP Party is an evening of Hip Hop inspired poetry in The Liquor Rooms. A collection of guests will all perform one poem and play two tracks. The Rhyme and Poetry Party celebrates Hip Hop culture and the art of Rap Music.

May 22. Click here for tickets. 

Richard Dawkins @ National Concert Hall

Evolutionary biologist and prominent figure in the ‘New Atheist’ movement, Richard Dawkins appears at the RDS Concert Hall to present his new anthology of letters, essays, and thought fragments all in the honor of science. Dawkins first gained international fame in 1976 when his book ‘The Selfish Gene’ was published. He has been in the public eye ever since more recently gaining notoriety with ‘The God Delusion’.

 June 12. Click here for tickets.

Stories from the City – Inua Ellams

Where do you call home? Ellams is a touring designer, poet, and graphic artist who will combine his many talents to tell the story of his escape from fundamentalist Islamism. Catch the bus with him and see what happens as he portrays all that goes with 21st century city life.

May 20. Click here for tickets.

Patrick Cockburn and Mary Fitzgerald @ Smock Alley

Patrick Cockburn is an award-winning writer who has been reporting on the Middle East since beginning for The Financial Times in 1979. Today he reports for The Independent. Cockburn was on the receiving end of recent acclaim for his investigative journalism into The Islamic State. Mary Fitzgerald is an journalist and reporter who’s work has appeared in The Economist, The New Yorker, Foreign Policy, and The Washington Post. Both Cockburn and Fitzgerald will talk at the ILFD about their experiences researching and reporting from one of the most fragile regions in contemporary international relations.

May 22. Click here for tickets.

Werner Herzog @ National Concert Hall

Screenwriter, director, actor, and all ‘round legendary figure in film Werner Herzog will talk at the National Concert Hall to talk all things film. In 2009 Herzog was named in TIME’s 100 most influential people on the planet.

May 21. Sold out.

Raja Shehadeh @ Smock Alley

Shehadeh has been described as Palestine’s leading and most influential writer. He is a lawyer and founder of AL-Haq, a human rights organisation founded in the region in 1979. He will appear at the ILFD to discuss his book Where the Line is Drawn: Crossing Boundaries in Occupied Palestine sharing his experiences with Al-Haq and his legendary writing.

May 23. Click here for tickets.

Will Self @ Smock Alley

The charismatic, outlandish and downright bonkers Will Self lands in Smock Alley to record an episode of RTÉ Radio 1’s The Book Show with Sinéad Gleeson. Referring to his work with the simple goal of ‘astonishing people’, Self is a contributor to Playboy, The New Statesman, The New York Times, and The Guardian. We’d write more but, honestly, we don’t know what else to say. Find out for yourself, we guess?

May 24. Click here for tickets.

For the full running line up, times, and up to date pricing click here.

Words: Staff Writer 
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