‘Chickatweeks’ comes with a new video.


Acid Granny are an improvised street performance art and music project that primarily exists in an electrified shopping trolley. You might have seen rolling around Dublin city over the last few months, hosting impromptu gigs late at night on O’Connell Bridge.

When two tilers stumbled upon the trolley early one morning and uploaded a video of what they saw onto YouTube, the wider world were introduced to Acid Granny. The group released ‘Smells Great‘ shortly after, which was their first official outing. Upon the release of that track I asked the mysterious group why they decided to finally share music with the world.

“Producing and releasing the music we improvise on the streets has always been an intention. In every jam we have, there’s always a couple of instant classics anyway. In reality, we’ve written and lost more number ones than any other artist. It all gets plucked out of the sky, squeezed through the granny and bounced back by the environment in a loop of inspiration. This ‘Dublin Acid Trolley‘ viral madness is kind of an extension of that. The feedback loop is larger-scale, but it’s the same idea. We gran hard with the trolley one lovely morning, the environment reacts and grows to include many thousands of internet mingers and star-struck Gardaí and we produce a massive radio hit that makes The Evergran shed proud tears over the universe.”

Acid Granny’s mixtape of improvisations ‘Foundation Level Grannies’ has so far only been available to buy from the trolley, but now they’re starting to drip feed music from the project. ‘Chickatweeks’ is the first online taste of the tape, a “fairly way-out release” of 11 improvisations. They’re also planning to launch a collaborative re-roll project, featuring various producers the group have encountered on their travels.

No set date for either project yet, but check out the new video below.

Words: Staff Writer 
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