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19 year-old drummer, producer and member of Waterford’s Anomaly collective, Alex Gough just released his new track ‘afraidofmoney.’


According to the young artist this is a rework of an old track, but the sentiment holds more weight now than ever.

“The visual of masked guards standing outside an invaded house, and what it means, reframed the song in a new light. A new relisation of poverty, struggle and oppression. The problems caused by money – homelessness, poverty, alcoholism, suicide in extreme cases. The fear that is evoked in people when faced with the abundance of socio-economic problems is daunting, as is the realisation that we will all experience it at some point in our lives.”

In June Alex shared a four-track beat tape, using samples collected from a variety of American infomercials. Check out the new one below, this time incorporating original vocals.

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