“The content of Hugh Cooney’s mind forged into life through the medium of cardboard for the new fantasy epic ‘The Mustering of the Harrier’.”


On Thursday November 23 Hugh Cooney will premiere his new film ‘The Mustering of the Harrier’ in Hangar. Click here for tickets before they inevitably sell out.

The Mustering is a 25 minute long, six-part fantasy epic which takes place “in a time of old, a time of great sorcery and strange technology”.

Hugh Cooney the mustering of the harrier

Hugh Cooney the mustering of the harrier

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“Ancient fables from the borough of Hackney & surrounding areas where a man’s honour & standing is not only determined by his courage but by his vast key holdings & spicilege of Nokia chargers (both the old & the new, new Nokia kind).”

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‘The Mustering of the Harrier’ is by Hugh Cooney and Charlie Doran, with the premiere in association with District Magazine and Shock World Service.

Music beforehand courtesy Soft Boy Records DJs.

Tickets are going fast.  Click here for yours.

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