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Tupac’s high school love letters were for sale too.

Yesterday, in Sotheby’s first hip hop auction the crown from Notorious B.I.G’s iconic ‘King of New York’ photo was purchased for $594,750. The New York Post has noted that the original price for the crown was a mere $6.

Alongside the headpiece, other rare items were on sale including Slick Rick’s diamond eyepatch and, Tupac’s love letters which sold for just over $75,000 and Basquiat’s ‘Rammellzee 12″ single. Prototypes of Drake Air Jordans, Salt-N-Pepa’s jackets from the ‘Push It’ music video, Questlove’s drum kit, a private writing and studio session with Rakim, and prototypes of Drake Air Jordans were all also available among other items.

You can see the full list of items auctioned here.

Photo: Original photo by BARRON CLAIBORNE, full image via Getty

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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