‘Isaac Nelson’ by Bobby Basil is here.


Over the past few months Bobby Basil has slowly been giving the world tastes of his debut album ‘Isaac Nelson’. Since shelving his Dah Jevu project he’s been toying with grime, boom bap, trap and R&B, but after much experimentation Bobby has found his lane.

Kicking off the project is ‘Knocking On My Door’, which has the legs to be a track that could be on heavy rotation on an international platform. The following 12 tracks are strong too, with his recent single ‘Makeup‘ sitting snugly in the middle. This record is truly Bobby shedding his ‘Irish rapper’ skin and becoming a bonafide artist, and his ear for beats shines through with the producers he chooses to work with, especially Shortcut who can do no wrong of late.

Check out the project in full below.

Check out Episode 2 of our New Voices podcast below where Aaron Toohey welcomes Bobby Basil and close collaborator Adam Shanahan into the studio.

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