Bodies recruits members of Kid Karate, Blooms, Overhead the Albatross and more for the new LP.


David McGeown is the brain behind Bodies, a project the Dublin-based artist has been working on for several years. ‘Drench’, however, is his most personal collection of music to-date.

Penned when he was 23,  the album came to McGeown after the death of one of his closest friends..

“About a year after he died, I was still going through a very depressive period. I wrote a song about the situation, about him. There was no intention to turn it into a release, or anything like that, it was just a song about how I felt. After I wrote it I felt so much better, so I started writing more songs like that. That’s how ‘Drench’ happened.

“All those important experiences you have in your 20s that make you grow and become the person you’ll be for the rest of your life.”

Listen to the project in full below. Bodies launches the release in The Grand Social this evening.

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