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Dublin group Burnt Out have officially released their new track and video, ‘Dear James’.

The haunting lyrics, soaring guitars and steady percussion along with the beautifully bleak visuals of North Dublin make for an immersive overall experience.

“Dear James presents the tragic reality of a Coolock youth marred with the problems presented to the working class in early-’00s recession Dublin: the pressure of merit, valid work, social status, and identity.”

“The true story of James recalls the public suicide of a teenager in the midst of these pressures, along with the indelible mark left on a community void of the confidence and foresight granted by stable economy and credible culture.

“Dear James puts those viewing and listening into the heart of the roads we grew up on, with all the pain, discomfort, and struggle as totally unavoidable to them as it was and still is for us.”

Click here to download the track.

Words: Staff Writer 
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