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Portrush producer teamed up with big names in Irish rap for his new EP.

CBAKL has dropped a new EP featuring a class line-up of young rappers from Ireland and the UK. ‘Where Do We Go?’ is a five-track EP fully produced by the Portrush beat-maker.

The EP was released by Class Craic Records, a collective that CBAKL heads. The producer has been making his own beats from the age of fourteen.

Nealo, Max Zanga and Kibo are just a few of the names collaborating with CBAKL for ‘Where Do We Go?’.

The EP’s final track, ‘Don’t Approach Me’, was premiered on District last week. It features Hazey Haze and Gavin DaVinci rapping over CBAKL’s smooth beats.

CBAKL described Gavin and Hazey as “two of the best rappers in the country… I thought the beat suited them perfectly”.

Listen to ‘Where Do We Go’ below:

Photo: Lacuna 

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