Bitter Rocc, Cbakl, Gadget & the Cloud, Gaptoof, ill diam, Jack Bashful, Mankyy, Nxbody and more all feature on the project.


‘The Guinness Sessions’ is a collection of instrumentals compiled by Class Craic Records.

From straight up sample-based boom bap from Gaptoof on ‘FAT RONALDO’ to the unsettlingly beautiful ‘How Will You Sleep Tonight’ by Gadget & the Cloud, the Class Craic crew have encapsulated the moment Irish hip hop production is having right now.

Links to the artist’s personal pages/social media accounts are attached under each of their tracks, if you’re not up to date on the strength of production right now then follow each of them. Also, MathMan holds regular Beat Club events which showcase homegrown producers. As hip hop on this island grows it’s important for producers to get a fair share of the spotlight too.

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