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Club Comfort: Women Loving Women to use celebration as a form a protest against anti-trans groups.


Club Comfort will be hosting its fourth party on February 14, Valentine’s day, in Berlin D2 on Dame Lane. The event will also act as a response to the to the transphobic take on Irish feminism that was planned to come this island on same date with the controversial ‘We Need to Talk’ tour.

Club Comfort is looking to use a more proactive method to fight against the anti-trans hysteria using celebration as a form a protest. The party will be one of inclusivity as it looks to bring together all Irish women, cis and trans, northern and southern, to a have good time in a welcoming setting.

The night will be stacked with female-led talent and lady-driven good vibes. Club Comfort inform us that the night will be “host to an incredible line-up of female DJs, performers and speakers, who will soundtrack an evening of inclusive and joyful defiance”.

The proceedings will begin at 8pm, end late and according to the organisers those celebrating will be engaged in a “politicised dance against the intrusion of exclusivity and sectarianism into a movement that we have built to help all women”.

While the event is free, a €6 donation from attendees would allow Club Comfort to give fair, equal funding to their three respective causes; Repeal Project, Alliance for Choice and Mermaids, a UK charity that works with trans youth.

‘We Need to Talk’ was led by a group British trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) who were coming to Ireland as part of their campaign to oppose Britain’s proposed Gender Recognition Act (GRA). While that talk has been cancelled, the group have announced their intention to ‘return later in the year in a larger venue’. Club Comfort say this night gives them to chance to get a head start which they relish and to let groups like this now that “every time they come here and try to divide us, we will have a party”.

“Our defence will be love, compassion and celebration,” organisers say. “And our mission will be to fund the legitimate organisations they misrepresent and attack”.

Click here for more on the event.

Words: Mark Conroy 
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