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The new comedy podcast ‘Phoning It In’ is giving a fresh new face to comedy in Ireland and Irish comic talent in a completely improvised spoof of Joe Duffy’s ‘Live Line’.

The new podcast drops every Monday on the Headstuff Podcast Network, featuring a weekly panel of Ireland’s rising comedy talent, improv and acting stars with different performers every week.



“It’s all made up on the spot. When I introduce my guests, they have no idea what they’re about to complain about, so they have to be really quick on their feet and react to whatever crazy complaint I give them. That’s why my guests so far have included some of Ireland’s best comedians and improvisers,” , says Dave Coffey, the shows creator and an Irish writer, director, actor and improviser.

He’s written, directed and starred in both series of IFTA nominated  Dan & Becs for RTÉ,  with plenty more achievements to his name including credits as the director of the spin off series Sarah + Steve.

“There are so many amazingly talented comedy performers in Ireland right now, but there seems to be less traditional outlets willing to give them a platform. The Republic of Telly is gone, The Panel is a distant memory. Podcasts are the go-to place for great Irish comedy these days. That’s why I started Phoning It In.”

So far, the episodes have featured Hannah Mammalis, Erin McGathy, Kelly Shatter and Luke Benson,  with Tony Cantwell, Ali Fox and more due on the podcast in upcoming weeks.

You can listen  here.


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