“We also used samples from some trips including caves in Iceland, Castro’s piano in Havana and a Cuban percussionist/priest, as well as other found sounds.”


The concept of Contour’s first full-length album came after a 2016 rummage through the extensive record collection of Mick T-woc.

“Choosing some sweet unique samples formed the foundations which became the building blocks for 20 tracks which were organised in the form of an hour long mix in one gigantic ableton set!”

The duo is comprised of Conan Wynne and Anna Doran, but the list of collaborators on ‘Appropriation’ is extensive.

“Anna Marie improvised with vocals and harmonies over the loops and this shaped individual tracks. We then drafted in Wookie Simon Wall on sax and flute, Chris Con on drums, New Cicero on MC duties, Jack Manivan on double bass, Graham Teeling on electronics, Sarah Moose with some spoken word and Eels Grifferson on guitars and mongolian throat singing! Mark Cono too special thanks!”

The samples used were far-flung,  including audio from caves in Iceland, Castro’s piano in Havana and a Cuban percussionist/priest.

Listen to the album mix of ‘Appropriation’ below.

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