Back in November Dublin-based electronic Contour teased their ‘Recesses’ EP  with the beautifully disorientating video for ‘Bloom Through the Cracks’.


Back then Anna and Conan described the project as “a voyage into subterranean spaces and the secrets concealed thereunder. Lurking awkward electro, suitable only for mutants living in recesses. Clunky and unstable under a thin veneer of technology, propped up on stimulants, existing regardless of you”.

They’ve now returned with more innovative visuals, this time in collaboration with ambisonics Ireland and Juliana Scodeler. ‘Krocodial’ is an interactive  360° video that also features ambisonic spacial sounds that will change relative to where you are viewing the video.

“For each release we like to have a theme running through it, last time it was sampling culture and this time it is the landscape of electronic music we are exploring. The way people interact with electronic music and the mutation from daily life to the night creatures that dwell in the recesses and the way we as a band are intertwined with technology but a few degrees removed from normal daygoing society. An abstraction striving to keep it unusual.”

Click here to buy their latest EP and check out the new video below.

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