Zeltron aka CLOUT CO13A1N aka Denzel Curry is going head to head with Rico Nasty this year.

Florida’s Denzel Curry has announced a huge new show with Rico Nasty. He’s one of hip hop’s wildest performers and he previously faced off against Brooklyn’s Flatbush Zombies in a wrestling ring for a similar event.

These ‘Battles’ are not rap battles of the traditional kind, but rather the artists will perform songs back to back and the crowd decides the winner.

Redbull have hosted ‘Culture Clashes’ in the past and they’ve gave the battles a new lease of life under the guidance of Curry who has curated a number of shows.

In an instagram post the rapid-fire spitter revealed the next show.

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You can watch the previous edition with Flatbush Zombies below:

Photograph: Pooneh Ghana Rolling Stone

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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