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The duo will perform live in the beautiful surroundings of DLight Studios on November 25, and it’s BYOB. Click here for tickets.


We were first introduced to Essaie pas when they fell on our lap. Opening up a Shit Robot 12″ in the post a little badge with their name on it fell out of the envelope.

They were just about to release an album on the same label as Shit Robot, DFA Records. Founded by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, Tim Goldsworthy and Jonathan Galkin, DFA is constantly boundary pushing as an imprint, and signing Essaie pas only solidifies that.

Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau met at DIY noise parties in Montréal and established a prompt creative bond, resulting in Essaie pas.

Their LP ‘Demain Est Une Autre Nuit’, released on the New York, was met with overwhelming positivity from magazines and blogs upon its release.

The album teeters on the edge of being a soaring film score and a shadowy techno record.

District Magazine and Momentummusik are massively excited to welcome the duo to DLight Studios on Saturday November 25 for a special live show. We’ll be utilising the unique surroundings of the venue with immersive projections.


We can also reveal an eclectic support line up. Joni will be performing live with Sunken Foal for a unique set that only a select few people have ever witnessed before. Also on the bill is hip hop artist Mythill Grim who’ll be performing an experimental set.

Click here for more information and tickets. Also, click here to read an interview with Essaie pas where they discuss DFA, movie soundtracks and their hometown of Montréal.

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