We kicked off our District Conversations series recently with Hugh CooneyDJ Vibesphere, since then we’ve had Cinema & Phare, Will Meara and now here’s the new episode.


“There was a girl on The Late Late, I remember she went on and wore a dress, she was homeless. So people tried to make some sort of correlation in the fact that she was able to go out and buy a very cheap kind of dress, and then ‘oh look at her, she looks fine to me’. Which is the kinda thing with late stage capitalism, everybody can fuckin’ afford cheap clothing and food, but nobody can afford to find anywhere to live.”

The District Conversations podcast continues, this week we’re joined by one of the most recognisable voices in Ireland. Emmet Kirwan talks the meaning behind Heartbreak, cat calling, toxic message boards and the return and success of Dublin Oldschool being made into a film.

“I as a man don’t live in fear,in the way women live in fear. And I never copped onto that.”

Tara Stewart chats to him below.

Words: Staff Writer 
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