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Ahead of the Gabber Eleganza party this Saturday in Hangar, we caught up with Seán Pussys to talk inclusivity. Click here for tickets to the gig.


Seán Pussys is the founder of, a collective of young, LGBT-friendly Irish outsiders with a penchant for design, music, sportswear and pills.

He’s been involved alongside Tonie Walsh with Pilly Willy, an exhibition of gay club fliers from Ireland’s past, as well as creating a subversive clothing line with the biggest seller being a rebranded Lidl bag and running a series of queer-friendly club nights in Galway.

For more information on Pussys visit the online magazine that combines art, discussion, fashion and cheap beer into a lifestyle publication for Ireland’s disenfranchised youth.

Listen to the podcast below. The track used is by Kobina. Also, click here for information on the Gabber Eleganza show this Saturday.

Words: Adam Heaton 
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