With a musical history that includes playing classical guitar and being in hardcore/grunge bands, it’s no surprise that Uly’s latest outing is hard to categorise.


With an academic background in Astrophysics, Uly travelled to Japan to take up a research internship, doing some optics lab work, but he soon returned to music.

“As always, it was music that was waiting for me, and what I’d go back to.

“A year and a bit on from coming back from Japan I got really tired of not ‘finishing’ anything. I knew I had music I wanted to share, I had stuff I wanted to just put out into the ether just to see what would happen. I got close with a few ideas, but it wasn’t until April/May of last year when a friend of mine showed me some of Steve Lacy’s stuff. I had that in my ears for a few days, and when I sat down to play around/write I found myself writing some guitar parts over a stock Ableton sample, and it just clicked. A day or two later, I had ‘mama’ finished and ready to go.”

That track has since been pulled to be released at a later date, but he has just released some new material.

“I felt like I had got over some mental block – overcome some little gremlin living in my subconscious stopping me from putting anything out. Everything felt right. I was grooving, I was excited, and I felt super comfortable with the sound. I had found my thing – and it kind of happened by accident I suppose?”

‘redlight’ is going to be the first of four releases Uly will work on with Faction Records, with the possibility of two more singles and an EP. Check it out below.

Words: Eric Davidson / Photography: Niko Salvino 
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