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“I am the glitch in the matrix…”


Dania has had a busy 2019.  Earlier in the year he released a big project called ‘Sonic Gold Mixtape‘, following that up with the video for ‘LUCKY LUCIANO’ and the single ‘IBAN‘ in May.

Last year he jumped on one of Mango and MathMan’s standout tracks from their ‘Wheel Up’ EP, ‘North / South‘ and before that he impressed with his catchy outing ‘Paro‘, racking up over 40,000 views on YouTube. Other tracks of his like ‘Afro Celt‘ have been hitting similar numbers, proving that Dania is a sleeping giant, with all the tools to blow up.

In his newest video he’s once again linked up with director ED DID IT, this time for a remix of the 2018 track ‘Normal’ by Juls and Kojey Radical, using the catchy and menacing beat. Check it out below.

Words: Staff Writer 
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