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20-year-old Northside rapper Dicey drops a new one.


‘Vocal Opium’ is the first track from homegrown hip hop artist Dicey.

“The idea of the hook referencing opium is to liken the lethality of the lyrics in the verses to the drug. It’s also trying to tie in the idea of a catchy hook being addictive in its nature.”

Dicey has lofty plans for the coming year, with a heavy gig schedule forecasted.

“The plan for the next 12 months is to release twelve tracks and do 24 gigs at the least (one song a month, two gigs every month), release two or three videos and consistently keep working with the end goal in mind to increase the artistry of what I do as much as possible.

“The aim is to build a solid team by the end of the next year to begin working to achieve the right production, cover art and execution of the debut release.”

Eyes peeled. Check out the video below, with the track produced by GI.

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