We want to explore the burgeoning Irish fashion scene. The sight of homegrown designers, models, agencies and photographers doing their thing on home turf and further afield makes even the least fashion-savvy among us proud of the industry in Ireland.

Dog Eat Dog, the avant-garde men’s and womenswear brand by Oisín Hunt, will be having their SS16 Presentation titled ‘Seldom Seen’ on Saturday March 26 at Green On Red Gallery, Dublin at 7pm.

Michael O’Connor caught up with Oisín ahead of the presentation.

Can you us about your inspiration for Dog Eat Dog’s upcoming SS16 presentation?

The main storyline behind the SS16 Presentation is the music video to ‘Chinatown’ by Thin Lizzy. There’s a lot of correlation between the story-line that we are doing with the brand and the actual music video.

Thin Lizzy were a huge influence on me growing up, so with this we are trying to reinvigorate that 1980s downtown kids that are not going anywhere, are lost or who have spiraled out of control.

Will the presentation take the form of a runway show or installation showcase?

The show will be presented as an immersive installation. From the minute you walk in the door of the gallery you’re going to be transported somewhere else, to another place. Geoff Ryan, a good friend of mine and recent NCAD graduate, is doing the set. It’s going to be a monochromatic display with trollies and burnt-out wheels, basically the music video re-imagined in our own way.

I feel for Ireland it’s so much more important to curate something immersive where the models interact with the stage instead of having sixty obsolete people sitting in a room watching a runway show. It’s about doing something a bit different, I mean the show is going to be an hour and fifteen minutes long… I’m excited to see how people react.

I noticed that you also somewhat eschewed the traditional in your casting brief specifying that you’d accept both signed and unsigned models as well as having no height restrictions. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Nowadays I don’t think it matters, when you look at the majority of people who follow fashion and social media users, a lot of them are under 5’8 so I guess we are just communicating that. The height thing doesn’t matter at all for us because when we do castings, we actually fit everything to the model and make it to their size. As well as including models of different heights, the presentation will include models of different body types and colour, again reflecting reality.

Also, since I’m back in Ireland right now, I really wanted to use a female with red hair, I just find that image super powerful and a nod to Celtic countries.

What can you reveal about the collection and your decision to venture into womenswear?

All of the fabrics have been sourced in Ireland and with this collection we’re going to be introducing more colour than we have in the past as well as adding in some denim which is new for Dog Eat Dog.

For the longest time I’ve been scared of womenswear, I’ve always found it easier to design for men, I guess looking at it as designing for myself in a way. I actually wear women’s jeans, they’re more comfortable. It doesn’t matter to me. I suppose it’s just the right time and storyline now and the idea of Chinatown and the kids that have lost their way in Thin Lizzy’s song, it just feels like the perfect time to add womenswear.

What’s next for Dog Eat Dog Clothing and Oisín Hunt?

For now the clothing will be available online with Dog Eat Dog existing purely through e-commerce but should the right retailer with the right space for the brand aesthetically come on board, I am definitely open to that.

However, I am a true believer in organic growth and as I’m quite young I don’t want to rush anything or for the brand ever to be watered down. Fingers crossed I will be doing further study at the Royal College of Fine Arts in Antwerp in the near future but I’d rather keep the focus on the brand and the work for now. I hope you enjoy Saturday’s presentation, thank you!

Click here to find out more about the Dog Eat Dog Spring/Summer 16 presentation.

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