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July 1, 2015Feature

UK native William Doyle, better known by his stage name East India Youth, sat opposite me in a purpose built artist green room behind the main stage of Forbidden Fruit. Dressed in a suit, he was cheerful and chatty ahead of his Sunday night slot on the Live Live stage

Before going solo with his first album ‘Total Strife Forever‘, Doyle was the lead singer of the indie band Doyle & the Fourfathers.

“Being a solo electronic artist is completely different. I used to be really confident and a bit cocky on stage in my old band, so as soon as I started doing East India Youth it was back into my shell.”

The name East India Youth derives from the time Doyle took refuge in his old manager’s flat by the East India docklands in London. That period of his life was a tumultuous one with family issues and the breakup of his band.

He took inspiration from his problems and poured them into the first LP which was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize for Album of the Year 2014.

“It was awesome. It’s a head fuck innit… All of a sudden it’s up there with Twigs and Damon Albarn and that sort of thing. It was just a great experience and I wasn’t really that arsed about winning. It was just a cool experience to be involved!”

Doyle released his second studio album, Culture of Volume, on 6th April 2015.

“I’m not saying that this album is devoid of emotion but it was made in a more exciting time. It didn’t feel as emotionally heavy I suppose.  This was made in a bit more of a positive environment but that’s not saying it doesn’t have its moments.”

The second LP is undoubtedly more upbeat than the first but it continues the East India Youth trademark of mixing genres, varying from ambient electronica to techno.

“Live, the four to the floor stuff is always fun, it’s all about getting to that point. On record, ‘Carousel‘ off the new album is probably my favourite one that I’ve done so far.”

A year and four months following the first album the second one was released so it’s only natural to wonder if we can expect a third album in such quick concession.

“Yeah I think I’ve set the bar pretty high! I mean as soon as I can get working on it I will but it’s very unlikely it’s going to be next year at this rate.

“I’ve been on tour for two months now and then I’ve got another week left to do bits and bobs really. I just did America, Europe, we’re doing the UK and Ireland now and back to UK and Europe again and then to finish, Iceland in November.

“I’ve had a lot of inspiring moments on this tour, just when I’ve been sat in the van writing and stuff like that and I just want to sink my teeth into it. It’s really frustrating because you’re stuck in a van on some motorway and you can’t do any work but it’s the way it goes isn’t it!”

A knock on the door reminds us politely to wrap it up. William kindly allowed us to nab some photographs before he was whisked away.

Photos by Eric Davidson

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