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September 18, 2015Feature

Cian Murphy is next up in our Dubliner Mix series. He has a chat with us about his upcoming plans, forthcoming releases and musical past

In a scene saturated in house & techno, what made you go down the musical route you did?

Dance music takes on so many different forms. I’ve always been influenced by sounds on the fringes of ‘club music’.

Stuff that you can dance to but not necessarily your staple four to the floor house music. I think it was my J1 in NYC in 2012 that had the biggest, most significant musical influence on me. I got to see artist/label nights that I loved. Stuff that was considered ‘club/dance music’ but could be influenced by Rnb, Dancehall or even Voguing.

I tried to take this ethos back with me, that anything could be dance music, not just house or techno.

When did you decide to get into producing as Rosbeg, or did the Djing come after the production?

Djing came first, when I was 16 or so, just messing around on laptops that sort of thing. My friend Shane showed me Audacity, a really simple audio editing tool which we both got a kick out of. After School we did a course in Bray where I learned Music Production and Dj Techniques (where interestingly enough Sunil Sharpe & DJ TU-KI were lecturers). This ignited my interest for Music Production. From there I went on to do a degree in Pulse College (Windmill Lane).

Where did you get the name Rosbeg?

‘Rosbeg’ is actually a place in Donegal where I spent my summers as a kid. It’s surrounded by the sea, I try to incorporate as much aquatic and water sounds into my music as I can in homage to it.

It’s kind of weird one, some people are like “That name is awful” haha, some people are into it as well. I dunno maybe I’ll change it at some stage…

You’re a busy man, playing Boxed Off, supporting Eliphino as well as just finishing a pretty packed Summer 2015. Is DJing your full time job or is it evenings & weekends right now?

Initially it was just something that I loved doing in my spare time but now, yeah, I pretty much do it full time. I might play three or four times a week. I truly love it and if there’s a crowd there, then even better.

What are you hoping to achieve in the next 12 months?

Over the next few months I’m hoping to develop a project that I’ve been running with my friends (Ralph & Shane at Grape Magazine) called ‘Palisade’.

We describe it as a ‘Hybrid Club’, an immersive clubbing experience where we aim to manipulate any environment we step into. By using multiple projected visuals, props and the stranger side of dance/club music.

It as much aesthetically driven as the musically. We’re aiming to throw our next big party around Halloween time. As well as this I of course want to get some releases out, I’ve something planned with Widad Records, a sister label to B.YRSLF Division, which should be cool.

So what about this mix you did for us?

I tried to encompass what ROSBEG & PALISADE were about. It has some new tracks/remixes/edits from me, including a new FKA Twigs remix as well as an unreleased track by CLU and some other stuff.


Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – VClipse [Fractal Fantasy]

Kelela – Fade To Mind Interlude (ROSBEG Remix) [Self-Released]

Afefe Iku – Brujo [Yoruba Records]

DJ RAVEN – Water (Martinou Remix) [Self-Released]

ROSBEG – Tropic Pic [Unreleased][Forth-Coming WidadRecords]

Toni Romiti – Miss Me (Dj Sliink Remix Ft. Dj Bake)

Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter – Papaya Lipgloss (Club Mix) [Night Slugs]

FKA Twigs – Glass & Patron (Classon Remix) (Snippet [Unreleased]

MikeQ & Sinjin Hawke – Thunderscan VIP [Fractal Fantasy]

CLU – Blade Runner [Unreleased]

DJ Bark Lee – M.O.N.I.C.A. [Self-Released]

DJ Bark Lee – Walk 4 U [Self-Released]

Head High – Megatrap (Tsvi Edit) [@WidadRecords]

Rizzla – Iron Cages (feat. Odile Myrtil) [Fade To Mind]

Spooky Bizzle – MY BOO REFIX (ALICIA & USHER) [Self-Released]

ROSBEG – Drippin’ – [Unreleased][Never to released][Maybe]

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