April 27, 2017Feature

Ahead of his support slot for Marc Piñol in The Tara Building, Dublin on May 20, we've locked down elusive selector Jus Damien for a 50-minute mix.

“The decade that brought Monster Munch and Care Bears gave us another mouth-full in ‘minimal synth electro techno body wave’.”


Momentum kicks off their party series on May 20 in The Tara Building with Marc Piñol, who works regularly with John Talabot on Hivern Discs.

One of the main men behind Momentum, Jus Damien, is on support duties for the evening, and we’ve secured a wonderfully weird vinyl/digital mix of 80s/New Wave/EBM/Industrial/Post Punk and some new material from San Francisco label Dark Entries Records.

“People around Ireland are channeling that 80s fighting spirit in all aspects of social and civil importance. Hey! Oh, let’s go!”

Click here to grab tickets to Marc Piñol in The Tara Building on May 20. It’s BYOB.

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