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Like with every new wave of popular electronic music, it eventually starts to seep into the USA mainstream. Acts like Disclosure have gripped audiences stateside, and now a raft of other UK and European producers are following suit. Dusky, are one such deep-house act in the ascendancy

London duo Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman are together known as London-based producers, Dusky. We caught up with Nick before his upcoming show in The Academy in Dublin and he told us four of his favourite artists around.

I was at one of your shows in November 2013, in The Twisted Pepper, and every time you return your following gets bigger and bigger. You sold out The Academy in February this year, but how’s this tour going overall?

It’s going really well. We just got back from Australia yesterday and we were in America for a few weeks before that. We’re back in the studio in London now and then we’re off again for some shows in Europe.

It’s been a relatively quick turnaround from presumably being weekends and evening producers before it all kicked off in 2011, to being totally in-demand DJs in 2015. How have you managed this shift?

I don’t know really. I was working full-time before and making music on the side, but luckily music was both of our hobbies. It’s now simply become our job.

It’s good that it’s not a chore. When I was tired and I had down-time I was making music anyway, so I’m lucky that my hobby has become my job.

Many artists in similar genres to yourselves, who are treading similar paths, are now playing massive arena shows, and it seems you’re on that route too. Do you want to maintain your underground roots or are you do you have lofty ambitions?

I think it’s important to recognise where your coming from and keep your roots in mind.

Respect from our peers is the ultimate goal, before playing big shows.

If we can reach a wider audience, while also staying true to who we are and our music, that would be the ideal situation. However, we’re not going to compromise on our sound to reach that bigger fan base.

17 Steps is your new-ish label, and you’ve put out a few of your own releases on it already. Were you disillusioned with other labels or was setting this up just the next logical step?

We wanted to set up a label for a while, but we didn’t feel the time was right. We wanted to build up our profile a bit first, but we were also really happy releasing on Aus, Dogmatik, Anjunadeep and other labels too. We were putting out releases next to artists that we really respected. We were also big fans of Aus Music, so we were happy to work with them.

For us, 17 Steps meant having a bit more control of our release schedule. It was about trying something new and seeing how it worked.

So who are the duo listening to right now? Nick gives us five producers that have been filling his speakers of late.

We’ve gotten lots of interesting stuff sent into us recently. Velvit is on 17 Steps and we obviously really like the stuff he is releasing.

Christian Piers has also been writing some wicked stuff.

Bwana just put out a great release on Aus Music, which I’m really liking at the moment.

Trevino has been doing some really cool stuff. I think he has an album coming out soon so I’m really looking forward to that.

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