September 24, 2018Feature

For the cover story of Issue 003, Hodgy and Mark Logan drove into the desert in LA for a discussion about love and truth.

“I don’t know when, but one day I just woke up and realised I was blessed. I just know the shit that I used to say from 17 to 20, I paid for all that shit.”


I first met Gerard three years ago on a roof in downtown Los Angeles. There was a very natural connection, a mutual recognition. Hodgy is a man who has always marched to the beat on his own drum. I felt this instantly, from day one.

Conscious where he invests his energy, he keeps his tribe tight and circle select. He’d rather be at home drawing obscure aboriginal faces with his markers than going large at a club. He, like I, avoids the toxic energy cultivated in such places. He seeks light and simplicity in life. After all, the child-like freedom of making art at home is so pure, the closer you are to your innocent state the less corrupted you have been by life. This is the first topic we dive into when I arrived at his Pasadena condo two days prior.

“People want things that are external, instead of looking for the peace inside,” he says. “What we do as humans from birth is begin to collect things; mentally, emotionally, physically. We collect.”

Contrary to the labels put onto Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, this man is an awakened being, yes this may be a relatively subjective term, but fuck it I believe it, so there it is.

The man’s output in the two years prior to this interview had been moderate, yet after our conversation the floodgates would open with a brand new sound that feels more akin to him. The man can fucking sing.

“I can feel this is my last life here, so I’m here to relay a message!” He says quietly with confidence.

We are on the front porch of my friend Alice’s ranch in the Joshua Tree desert. It’s 2:45am and the heat of the day had softened us and conversation flowed. Joshua Tree is a sacred place for me and I can tell Hodgy resonates with it as he slides back into the armchair.

We had just wrapped three hours and three rolls of film shooting for this piece. We had departed LA at 3pm that Friday straight after collecting Trenton, Hodgy’s son, from school. It’s Trenton’s first time in the desert and he’s super excited by his surroundings.

The roving hills lined with famed Joshua Tree’s flickered passed the car windows like people walking in droves up the hillside on some kind of pilgrimage. So much of passion and love has already been chewed on, flowing through our conversations without the mic running.

It feels odd that we are now all of a sudden recording, as if there’s a stranger in the room, primed and ready to extract and amplify every word to the world. But also present is trust and love. So we get into it.

"Yes, [my son] can learn from me, but teaching him things? I had so many people try to teach me things my whole life who didn’t know shit."

Over the last few days we’ve talked a lot about love, and the music…

I made an album about ‘relationship love’, but every type of love has a relation, that’s why it’s called love. It’s a journey through it, past relationships, past lives. You have to have bad to have good. You can’t really use words to describe a feeling and I feel like that’s the task for me making love songs.

Describe a feeling using words? How do you do that? You can’t! If you feel something, you can try to put it in words, but you can’t describe it, ‘cause it’s a feeling. But I try through my storytelling, but I’m not telling stories.

Followed by love is always passion, where in the process does your passion lie most?

In order to have passion you’ve gotta have love! A process is the whole piece and there are so many parts; skeleton, flesh, spirit. Like writing, I just write, I don’t think about what other people think. Sleeping on a beat, waking up and listening to it, there’s something about that fresh ear, the clarity, the pause of the subconscious. It’s like someone died, the moment of silence. Then you go back to it and that’s how I know if it’s good or not. I love writing, I love recording, I love being on stage expressing the things that I wrote. I love it all.

I love your answer, you don’t need to choose! What’s something that brings you most joy then?

Pushing cognition.

What do you want from life, is there an imprint you want to leave behind?

I could be selfish and immediate and just say for my son, but honestly I don’t wanna leave shit behind. Once you compare yourself, you lose! I just want to live mine to the fullest. Be a noted example of light.

What do you want to teach your son?

I don’t really know about me teaching him things. I feel the thought of that is arrogant. Yes, he can learn from me, but teaching him things? I had so many people try to teach me things my whole life who didn’t know shit.

Hodgy has been telling me about this book on esoteric wisdom he’s been digesting and how it’s helping him be a better father.

I think we’re so lucky that we are able to live this way, our truths if you will. For me I feel like this is the least amount of lies I’ve ever told myself. Would you say it’s the same for you?

Imagine being this way and not being available to it? I don’t know when, but one day I just woke up and realised I was blessed. I just know the shit that I used to say from 17 to 20, I paid for all that shit. I’m hella sensitive, I could fuck up a whole room by just not saying shit. I can light a whole room up without even trying to be the light!

Do you believe in manifestation?

I believe in Karmic words and being a magician. If you have belief behind what you say, that shit will come true! Existence is forever moving but we all have a purpose that we need to tend to here before we dip.

Is there anything you believe we are here to learn in this lifetime?

Fuck. That’s a crazy question. I believe we are here to find balance.

At this point the presence of the mic is wearing on us both. So much of this has already been explored but for the purpose of print we needed to have something that could be transcribed.

I haven’t given an interview in a minute! I’ve got shit to say, it’s gonna be crazy! I’m gonna be very selective, but I’m gonna fuck the world up with an interview.

Yes brother! It’s time for radical opinions and real change. Back to love, have you experienced her at first sight?

I believe in love at first sight, that shit’s dope! If someone says, ‘Take my hand’, would you do it? That’s the same as eye contact, would you do it?

I know you’re not a man to give advice, but if there’s any truth that you think you could share before we wrap, what would that be?

Know your weaknesses. To be weak and not know it? That’s a fucking crazy thought, it’s like walking in the door backwards blind.

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