April 8, 2015Feature

5 Pointz in Queens, NY was an institution for hip hop culture. Before its demolition it held weekly paint meetings, block parties and gallery exhibitions. But is The Bernard Shaw Dublin's answer to New York's legendary street art Mecca? We went to the recent Evolve Phat Paint Jam to find out

Representing the five boroughs of the city, 5 Pointz cultivated the very best local graffiti artists, rappers, MCs and dancers as well as attracting worldwide attention.

Every week, especially during summer, artists from all over the city, the USA and the world came to paint to the soundtrack of live hip hop.

B-Boys would dance, rappers would rap and painters with a wide variety of styles would come together in a place that seeps urban culture.

Now the walls have been torn down, with condominiums in the works on the site. 5 Pointz now only has its history and legacy. But at a recent party in Dublin’s Bernard Shaw we got the distinct feeling that that same special aura was flowing.

Welcome DJs spinning hip hop & reggae

The Phat Paint Jam had artists from far and wide in the confines of the Shaw. Hip hop and reggae filled the air from a young collective called Welcome, and there was an undeniable buzz in the air.

Exploring the grounds of the venue there were nooks and gated areas, each with a painter hard at work.

OMIN at work with a family of spectators

Stencil artists, spray painters, families and excited youths all combined under the sporadic sun making a special atmosphere.

Although the day was somewhat dampened by the rain, there’s no denying that if anywhere in Dublin was to rival New York’s street art haven, it would be the Bernard Shaw.

Steve OwlDonnell

Photos: Eric Davidson

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