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Danny Wolfers is a man with over 25 years of music production behind him, you know him best as his Legowelt; the muscial melting pot that has seen him release on labels as contrasting as Cocoon and Clone over the last 15 years

"I noticed these two aliens sitting in another booth, talking to each other and eating breakfast."

Aside from Legowelt, Wolfers has amassed a staggering amount of aliases and side projects, each project gravitating toward a different quirk or musical niche.

Now after over a quarter of a century on his musical journey, Wolfers has revealed Ufocus on his fledgling Nightwind label, a new project that came to him completely by chance.

First of all, what does Ufocus mean to you and how did it begin?

It came to me in a dream, the artwork of the cover actually, before there was any music, I had a lucid impression of it, almost a vision.

I was having dinner in a typical American style diner restaurant somewhere in the northwest of the USA, heavy forests, foggy etc. Then I noticed these two aliens sitting in another booth, talking to each other and eating breakfast. The other people in the restaurant went about their business as usual, but I was like, “don’t look but that’s kind of odd”.

This was a very vivid dream and the next day I made a drawing of it with my colour pencils. I thought well hey that’s a cool record cover why don’t I make some music with it.

I had a few tracks laying around already and I made the rest in the weeks that followed.

Interesting! Ufocus sees you move in a very dance floor ready direction, what prompted the movement in this direction?

It’s a bit of everything, an album with dancefloor stuff but also ambient tracks, some slow jams.

It’s a bit more in the techno and house music direction but it’s got the same adventurous or “colorful” vibe as the Calimex Mental IMplant corporation album I guess, even though that one goes more into the direction of PPU style boogie disco, g-funk, electro and rap music.

Is this the only time we’ll see Ufocus material or do you plan on continuing under this guise?

I don’t know really, there was supposed to be an Ufocus 12″, two tracks called ‘Computerized Paradise’ and ‘Fun With Fractals’ that was before I thought up the album, before I had the dream.

The 12″ was actually sent to the record pressing plant but it got lost somehow so then I decided to do a full album under the Ufocus name instead of a 12″.

The ‘Computerized Paradise’ track somehow didn’t make the album but I still want to release that one in the future, most likely under the Ufocus name on a 12″ with some other track on the b-side.

You’re obviously most recognisably known as Legowelt, do you feel that Legowelt is the real Danny Wolfers and the rest of your work is a side adventure?

No there is no difference really, it’s just a name, I don’t really think about these things. If you can have a different album name with each new release why not a different artist name?

You described Legowelt as “a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack”, what would you describe Ufocus as?

Northwestern forest techno.

You’ve amassed almost 20 aliases in your career without mentioning Legowelt, all of which have a whackier name than the last, how long do you spend on coming up with each alias and persona?

They just come to me, I don’t really think about it that much. People always think I have some grand design with these concepts but it all just flows from the mind.

Let’s talk about your own label; Nightwind. Nightwind is a personal vessel you use to showcase your other aliases and musical styles, how did NW come about and what was the main reason for beginning the project?

The main reason is just to be under total control of everything, releasing my own music with my own artwork with my own mastering in my own way. And to get all the money without it disappearing in the pockets of other people.

I love a lot of labels I released on, and I still release on a lot of other labels but it’s cool to have the whole picture in your own hands.

I didn’t really think about making a new label, it just happened. Around Christmas 2014 I made this Occult Orientated Crime Ambient album decided to put it on Bandcamp, just thought up a label name and that was it. The name Nightwind is fitting as that’s like the audiowaves travelling through the air or something.

The NW releases have come in very quick succession since its beginning in late 2014. Did you have a large back catalogue of unreleased work that you wanted to publish or are you just a very quick worker?

It’s a bit of both, though mostly the music is made in the same time, sometimes I find a few old tracks that fit an album perfectly. But for example Rising Sun Systems and Saab Knutson were all made in a few weeks before they got released… It’s a mental trip, you are working on the music and artwork everyday for like two weeks, you get totally obsessed, you live in that album, barely coming outside… But it gives a feeling of great contentment and serenity. Almost like an addiction.

Tell us about the Nightwind Refrigerator Magnets, how big a moment was it to finally have your own personalised fridge magnets?

Haha, well it was pretty easy to make them. Technically they are not really magnets, you can put them on any surface you want, wood, stone, metal, rubber, plastic. Some kind of futuristic high-tech stuff. They are also weather proof so you can put them on your car too for example.

The artwork for each release captures the music perfectly, do you collaborate with the same artist for each piece and do you give guidelines and direction on what you want?

I make all the artwork myself, on Nightwind records I do everything its completely me 100 per cent except of course pressing the records and all the other industrial stuff.

The Cassette tapes are copied by myself though, also the artwork for that is cut by myself. That might explain some discrepancies sometimes I guess.

You’re known for having an eclectic taste in music and for having the courage to blend them all together in your sets, do you find this the most entertaining way to play?

Don’t know if its entertaining, it’s more an obvious logic for me. The stuff I like gets played or influences my music. I really wish I could expand that a lot more, going into stranger music styles more but there is always a limit to your knowledge and to expand that it sometimes takes a while… Studying, experimenting, etc.

The only limit is my laziness though.

Finally, from a musical point of view, would you rather travel back in time 50 years or travel forward in time 50 years?

Hmmm I guess 50 years backwards… What year would it be then? 1966… I probably would be heavily into a free jazz… Playing keyboards, electric pianos and organs…

Click here to buy the Ufocus album by the incomparable Legowelt.

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