March 10, 2015Feature

Hannah O'Connell recently had a chat with techno producer Benjamin Damage to ask a few questions ahead of his gig at Hangar. The Welsh-born, Berlin-based producer talks everything from his Irish roots to his second solo album release date

You have a new album coming out this summer. Can you reveal the name and/or release date?

Yes, I’ve been working on it for a while and it’ll be one of the last albums on 50 Weapons. It looks like it will come out at the end of June. You’ll have to wait for the title…

What is your favourite track from the new album and why?

It depends on my mood, but the melodic stuff is my favourite. It should all work as an album and not just a collection of tracks. I’ll only know when its finished and mastered but I’m really happy with it so far.

You have been developing your live show over the last year, what effect has this had on the upcoming release?

The live show has made me really get to know all my machines so some ideas have come from that. There’s no sequenced structure when I’m doing the hardware show – all the parts are triggered live and filtered and effected manually. I think learning to perform like that helps you get ideas down quickly.

How does working alone compare to your previous partnership with Doc Daneeka?

Its harder because you can get a bit bored in the studio on your own after a few hours and you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off. On your own you can do more personal ideas and spend a lot of time working on weird stuff. I find it is sometimes easier to get ideas outside the studio, while touring or travelling.

Which track released in the last 12 months by another artist do wish the most were your own?

My music is quite personal to me so I can’t imagine wanting to take credit for someone else’s ideas.




What piece of studio equipment could you not be without?

Studio gear is just stuff to get your ideas down. Its great to have the hardware stuff – the MPC and Cirklon and the 303 but you just use what you have. It is more important to be inspired and get good ideas. A long train ride with the laptop and headphones can sometimes be more inspiring than a dark room full of analogue gear.

You travel often, have you got something (apart from the obvious necessities) that you bring with you everywhere; a lucky mascot?

I’d like to bring my dog with me, she’s my lucky mascot, but the airlines won’t let me. She’s over the weight limit for the cabin and she wouldn’t like it in the hold.

With summer fast approaching do you have any festival gigs lined up?

Yeah there are quite a few in the works but I don’t have a full list of confirmations.

What do you do to relax on your days off?

Chasing the dog around the park, going to Berghain, drinking beer by the canal, standard Berlin stuff.

Finally, you’re coming to visit us on Saturday 21st. What is your favourite thing about Dublin?

The people are the best part. Everyone is super friendly and always up for a party. I’m part Irish so it feels I’ve going home in some way.

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