December 9, 2015Feature

As Yung Lean & Sad Boys embark on another musical chapter, we thought it the best time to take everyone back to late March 2014, when we spent the day with the Swedish rap phenomenon before his show with The Building Society in the recently closed Twisted Pepper

Last week Yung Lean dropped a video for his new track ‘Hoover‘, a gothic, mud infested dirt-bike race to the death with Yung Gud.

Last year we followed Sad Boys and Lean around the Capital.

We spent the day talking about the difference between the architecture in Sweden and Ireland, Asian culture and the legalities of Leprechaun Museum’s.

Leprechaun Museum's don't open on a Sunday (obviously), so we ended up in a hovel of an arcade hall.

The Twisted Pepper Wall of Fame.

Jimmy Chung's All You Can Eat Buffet.

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