Dublin rapper, turned producer, Flynn Johnson has just released a new track featuring ‘EFFIE’.


Last time we heard from Flynn Johnson was his feature on our charity compilation for Pieta House, released at the tail end of 2017. He’s now returned with a new track and he’s been toying around with beats of late.

“I’ve been dabbling in producing over the last six months. Learning and growing, writing songs is the only element of my creative process. But since beginning to expand on production, I’ve always wanted to sample that track [Flowers]. So when I saw EFFIE covered it acoustically on her channel, I had to throw my hand in, trying to beef it up with various elements of percussion and big bass.

“Once the beat was done I immediately knew what type of concept I was going to go with. With the lyric ‘I’ll bring you flowers in the pouring rain’, I thought the whole metaphor behind the line was a lot deeper than what most people might think. I feel like ‘flowers in the rain’ is the most beautiful and miserable thing at the same time. And for me that is exactly what love is. I based every word around that.”

Flynn Johnson’s debut album ‘Self Titled’ is out this year.

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