Burner Records co-founder FYNCH shares the first project released under Burner Records.

In 2018 FYNCH dropped ‘MIXVAPE’, and now in a marked display of growth he has released his debut EP ‘Bookies Pens & Loose Ends’. Consisting of five tracks, the EP provides an insight into post-academic angst in an ever-changing Ireland. Dealing with issues of self-confidence and self-doubt, FYNCH is in his element, spinning introspective lyrics across a number of lo-fi, head nodding instrumentals.

On the project FYNCH said, “I needed to get how I felt at that time out there. I released ‘Saipan’ in April, but it didn’t do enough to get how I was feeling across. I knew there was plenty more angst that needed to be converted into lyrics.”

Four of the project’s five tracks were produced by frequent collaborator Seabass and the final track was produced by label mate Marcus Woods.

“The title ‘Bookies Pens & Loose Ends’ worked for this project because I felt like I had a number of loose ends going on in my life. Coupled with that, bookies pens are kind of ubiquitous in my gaff. To me, they represent an escape from everyday drudgery, where you can dream of hitting it big. But, there’s the cold reality to them, as well. Bookies exist to siphon money from society’s poorest and most-vulnerable. Bookies pens are a double-edged sword, much like how I talked about a self-confidence juxtaposition on ‘Saipan'”.

Stream ‘Bookies Pens & Loose Ends’ below:

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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