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The video was created in partnership with Dr. Martens.

Dublin singer Gemma Dunleavy has just released a new video in collaboration with Dr Martens discussing the inspiration for her new EP ‘UP DE FLATS‘. The shoe brand’s series gives a platform to up and coming independent artists.

In the video, Dunleavy talks about the pride that she has in her community. The R&B singer/ songwriter is from Sheriff Street, an area of North Dublin City Centre.

“If you grow up in Sheriff Street, or anywhere similar, people think that nearly by default you’re gonna be left behind. Overcoming that stigma is tough”, Gemma said.

The Dr. Marten’s Presents video features Gemma Dunleavey’s track ‘Up De Flats’ from her new EP which pays homage to the strong Sheriff Street community.

Watch the video below:

Photo: Gemma Dunleavy/ Dr. Martens

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