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Sea High on Mac Miller, using poetry to vocalise emotions and a certain animated film’s killer soundtrack. 

‘Get to know’ is the essential series introducing your future favourite artists. Providing snappy conversations to familiarise yourself with exciting up and comers and featuring short questions, it’ll give you a brief insight into their inspirations, tastes, guilty pleasures and hopefully encourage you to dig into their tunes. 

First up we have poet and rapper Sea high. Ahead of the release of his album ‘Degradation of Imagination’, the Bailieborough MC had a quick back and forth with us about his favourite takeaway spot, plans for the rest of 2019 and which artist should have their own talk show. 

Favourite poet? 

My favourite poet has always been Edgar Allen Poe since I was only a little fella, I used to have books of his pieces and read them over and over again. I loved how he used the simplest language to evoke some of the most powerful emotions. He could create a dark and uneasy atmosphere as well as a sense of rhythm through just the written word and I always appreciated that! 

Outside of music what do you like to do to relax? 

I like to draw, edit pictures, write… anything creative really! I play video games quite a bit and I’m a big fan of beaches and forests, I like to just walk around and explore new places.   

Favourite take away spot?   

There’s a place called Supertaste Kebabish in my hometown in Bailieborough, Cavan. I have travelled far and wide and never, EVER experienced a better kebab… because a better kebab simply doesn’t exist. 

What album are you listening to right now? 

I’m listening to many! Most recently though I’d have to say ‘Global Warming’ by Rebel P and Marcus Woods, it’s an absolutely phenomenal body of work. “Alright?” By my man WALLFELLA and “Running Late” by Daz have been in my rotation heavily too.

 Other Irish artists we should be listening to? 

There are so many amazing Irish artists on the scene right now that it seems almost unfair to choose just a handful and I could spend hours replying to this question. Featured artists on the album, WALLFELLA and Citizen Black should definitely be checked out, their stuff is amazing.

Just Mikey released a phenomenal new solo project that needs more recognition.

Emmet O’Brien is easily one of the best poets in the land and kills it through the written and the spoken word. 

Nonzus Magnus blew me away with Fight Club and I can’t wait to hear Lawriii Craic’s new project.

One thing that people don’t know about you? 

People may not know that before I started making a proper go with my music and spoken word stuff I studied psychology and social care. I worked in a residential service for people with autism and  in New York before that with children and adults with disabilities.  

How would you describe your music to someone that hasn’t listened to it before? 

I would describe it as diverse, emotional and honest as that’s what I aim for. I like all types of music so I hope to not pigeon hole myself into any particular genre sound-wise but rather use what I love from various genres to say whatever I have to say, be it about politics, mental health or just being a broke stoner. As much as I don’t like to compare I have been likened a lot to Mac Miller, Childish Gambino and Plan B who are all major influences of mine. 

 What’s your musical guilty pleasure? 

I’m not even guilty about it but one of my favourite albums of all time is the ‘Over The Hedge’ soundtrack, written and performed by Ben Folds. Yes, ‘Over The Hedge’, the kids cartoon about the animals stealing food… if you don’t know what I just said then you haven’t lived and need to check it out right now. 

Which Irish artist would have an amazing talk show?

Emmet O Brien! If you know him then that needs no explanation… 

What is the plan for the rest of 2019? 

I’d like to say put my feet up and relax but I have some new singles and collaborations with some of my favourite artists in the pipeline and hopefully some new producers too, a group or two might be in the works but they’ll stay under wraps until the time is right! Essentially I’m going to keep working and stay busy, probably do a few more podcasts and ensure the shows get bigger and better. There are also things in the works from the rest of Off Key Collective, with Key Low working on his own stuff and Odd Numbers killing it in the beat game. 

If you could interview one person from any time in history who would it be? 

Moses, ask him how much for a gram of that burning bush… 

Keep an eye out for Sea High’s album ”Degradation of Imagination’, out 20 September. 

Photo Credits: Daragh O’Neill Stills and Motion

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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