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God Knows has dropped a new EP featuring a number of familiar faces.

When Rusangano Family won the Choice Prize Album of the year in 2016 for ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’, they etched their name into Irish hip hop history. Since then one of the group’s MCs God Knows has released a number of solo singles and featured on a slew of tracks.

Over the years he has taken up a mentorship position for younger artists in the south west of Ireland and guided them as they start their musical journey.

He’s consequently released a tape that feels like the culmination of all these factors. ‘Who’s Asking’ features the youthful barrage of energy that’s associated with a number of the south west’s up and coming artists like Hazey Haze and Gavindavinci. It simultaneously calls on the experience and evergreen delivery of fellow Rusangano member MuRli and Sim Simma associate Denise Chaila.

Featuring production fromk SertOne, The Line, Naive Ted and HLMNSRA it’s a thoroughly collaborative project. The EP is also released through SertOne’s label, Fly High Society.

Sitting at 13 minutes long the EP manages to channel raw energy like lightening in a bottle. It’s a compressed whirlwind of emotion and the ‘Who’s Asking’ remix is an early contender for track of the year.

Listen below:

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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