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The council requested €6.6 million for the government and over half the €22.8 million funding required was to come from grants.

Dublin City Council’s grant application for €6.6million to fund a white-water rafting centre by the Docklands has been refused by the Government.

Social media exploded last year when plans were announced for the city water sports facility. Responses were predictably furious (and rightfully so) to the facility that would cost a whopping €22.8 million whilst the capital already faced an unprecedented housing crisis.

While the council tried to diffuse concerns by explaining that more than half the required funds would come from government grants, resentment around the plans still lingered.

white water rafting

Now it has been revealed that the request for funding has been rejected by the government. According to the the “local authority applied for €6.6 million under scheme 1 of the Large Scale Sports Infrastructure Fund (LSSIF) in 2019 but the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport, which administers the fund, said it ‘did not score highly enough’ and rejected the application”.

It is understood that the decision was made in January shortly after the uproar about the proposals.

It is also believed that there was an application for funds to the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund in 2018. Despite these rejections, a spokesperson for the Government has said that “it is envisaged that funding in the sum of €13m will be secured for the Swift Water Rescue and Tourism elements of the project”.

It was also revealed last week that the council wanted to put a €15 million sea pool in The Liffey.

Someone really wants to do water sports in the city centre.

Photos: Dublin City Council & The Journal (Descending order)

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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