“All night, All mine we sipping on wine…”


Irish filmmaker and vocalist HAII has released a new video directed by HdHdd and edited by EdDidit.

He’s recruited Why-Axis for production and additional vocals on the track and HAII tells us it was when he heard ‘Marlboro Breath‘ that he wanted to collaborate with the fellow homegrown artist.

“He hit me up asking to shoot a music video and I was down for that! So I stayed for a couple days to shoot the music video as it took a lot of time and patience to make. While we were editing, we still kept being creative so we decided to record a track.

“Why-Axis produced a beat and after that the song sort of wrote itself. I will be releasing more music in the future for sure but for now I have a track ready to release pretty soon. It’s more chilled and vibrant and I’m excited to share it!”

Check it out below.

Words: Staff Writer 
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