If this track isn’t being blared on every mainstream radio station in Ireland, then there’s no justice in the pop world…


Now comprised of just Lilo Blues and Tony Konstone, Hare Squead seem to have found their feet as a duo after some shifts in personnel within the group. Having racked up millions of views and streams since bursting onto the scene around 2014, they’ve received widespread attention from platforms like Pitchfork, Noisey, The Guardian, and even collaborated with laid-back rap behemoth GoldLink.

The Dublin group have now returned with one of their most interesting outings to-date, mashing together the worlds of what they call “afropop, UK rap and dancehall to create their own club-ready concoction” ‘Petty’ features Shauna Shade and Wusu and it’s an undeniable banger.

“‘Petty’ is all about the anxiety and exhilaration of pursuing a toxic connection”, and was recorded at Grouse Lodge Studios in Westmeath.

“We were scared as fuck in that haunted old Grouse Lodge studio but came out with a summer bop,” the pair say. “It’s hard to know where our inspiration comes from, but we listen to a lot of different genres and this is just how we were feeling that day.”

Check it out below.

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