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This is the last thing your noggin needs on a Monday morning, but it’s difficult to look away…


That’s the beauty of Limerick’s Hazey Haze. His gruff sound, much like punk in its early days, is raw and direct. Musical scholars don’t need to pick apart its complexities, it’s gut-punch music that speaks to a more visceral part of your brain.

‘This Is My City’ is about his home in The Island Field, Limerick and serves as the first track from Hazey Haze’s forthcoming solo LP ‘Is Mise’, via PX Music.

The next project the label is releasing is GavinDaVinci’s ‘Super Scumbag Mode’ which drops on September 13. The first single from that album was the grime-tinged banger ‘Sex & Parties‘, which Hazey also featured on.

Watch the video for ‘This Is My City’, shot and directed by Niall Coley with production by AKIA, below.

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