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“What we are trying to achieve with Hen is to increase the visibility of women in horror and explore the feminine principle in the horror genre from a different perspective.”


‘Hen’ is a new short film that is ready to begin shooting, however while the team is already assembled, funds needs to be raised for production costs.

According to director Janna Kemperman and writer Lauren-Shannon Jones, women filmmakers are beginning to truly find their voices in horror.

“Films like Jennifer Kent’s ‘The Babadook’, Karyn Kusama’s ‘The Invitation’ and ‘XX’ (Roxanne Benjamin, St Vincent, Sofia Carrillo etc) have demonstrated the propensity of the female gaze to process the genre. We want to explore this too. Horror is a culturally significant way to organise the chaos of the world and interact with it in a controlled way.”

In ‘Hen’ they will examine a group of women “unobserved by the male gaze” based in a similar situation to ‘Lord of the Flies’, where  social hierarchies and interpersonal dynamics are magnified.

“I think we have all been to those parties where things get badly or maybe even brilliantly out of control, and we all leave in the morning in silent agreement never to talk about it again. If we can. If we’re lucky.”

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