Taken from a forthcoming album ‘When you get Caught Between the Moon and Dublin City’, Henry Earnest becomes the latest Soft Boy.


Dublin-based producer Henry Earnest first came to the attention of Soft Boy Records through his work with the band Ro Gang, as well as his solo album ‘Bowl Cuts’ released under his previous moniker Dr. Duloc.

Here’s what Soft Boy had to say on his forthcoming album, set to be released on the imprint.

“A rather prolific artist, Henry’s upcoming solo album ‘When you get Caught Between the Moon and Dublin City’ will be the third project he has had a hand in producing in the past year. Henrys first single, “Good Day” is a joyful lesson in sampling and plunderphonics, shamelessly incorporating sounds from everyone from obscure Soundcloud artists to vocal snippets from Lil Yachty.”

Listen to the first track below, ‘Good Day’.

Soft Boy Records take over Wah Wah Club at District Magazine’s Neighbourhood Watch party this Saturday. Click here for tickets.

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