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If funded, the proposed location will be a café, gallery and retail space that can be instantly transformed for exhibitions, performances and installations.


Are buddies at Hen’s Teeth are an essential artery in Dublin city’s creative body. If you don’t know who they are, the crew consists of nine curators, designers, writers and creatives who are responsible for putting on forward-thinking events, a creative agency, and recently a bricks and mortar store on Fade Street.

That building has become ground zero for everything they’ve produced of late, hosting book launches, talks as well as being open for business selling prints, original art, homeware and publications.

The short-term lease in that spot is now up though, but they’ve got their sights on a new space. Namely, the 2,600 square foot Tannery in Dublin 8.

“We are in a hugely exciting time in Dublin culture and more broadly across our whole island. There are more artists, musicians, curators and cultural innovators of world standard than ever before, and increasingly, these people are realising they can stay in Ireland to achieve their dreams. At the same time, more and more cultural spaces are closing and property is at a premium.

“In the midst of this, we want this to be a ray of light and we promise to give back to the creative community, continue to provide a platform for emerging artists to exhibit work, perform and create, to invite renowned international artists over, to help continue to inspire our own creative community.”

Check out the video below to find out their plans to make it into a cultural hub.

They need your help to get this over the line, so if you ever enjoyed one of their events, bought something in the store, sat outside the shop with a coffee people watching, or even if you simply care want to see another creative space pop up instead of being buffed out to be replaced by a hotel then click here to pledge to their kickstarter. You get some sweet rewards.

I mean, if Matty Matheson wants it to happen…

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